Alternative Business Funding

For Start-ups, Early-stage & Established Businesses

Contact us to have one of our independent consultants guide you effortlessly through the business funding process.

Banks no longer the right tool for financing SMEs

We provide a highly effective pathway, system & tool set to assist SMEs source alternative business funding to grow their enterprise…even if they are small or very early stage.

Closing the gap between the Corporate world and the Entrepreneurial world

We provide a range of services that bridge the gap between the lawyers, corporate advisers, and bankers, and the entrepreneur who knows how to run their business but not much about the world of raising business funding.

 Our independent consultants help SMEs use similar tactics as the big companies (whose shares are traded on a stock exchange) to raise capital when the Banks are playing hardball.

Raise Equity Capital

Equity capital is contributed in return for a share of ownership of your business. It is not repayable, demands no provision of security (other than the issued shares) and bears no interest.

IPOs for SMEs

 With the banks no longer lending to SMEs unless they put up real estate as security, an ‘Initial Private Offer’ or IPO is an affordable way to make private offers to issue debt or equity securities to investors.

Raise Debt Funding

A small to medium sized enterprise (SME) can issue a ‘series’ of SME Bonds, to raise debt funding for business development or expansion, or for any other worthwhile purpose! 

Initial Private Offers

In most regions around the world, including Australia, it is illegal for any person (or company) to ask two or more persons to invest in a shared business venture, property or other investment, without complying with legal rules set down by the relevant Corporate Regulator.

We have developed a unique and legally compliant Internet-based private securities trading exchange for SMEs, known as a Private Trading Exchange, or PTX.

A PTX provides an exit mechanism for the Company’s shareholders and gives investors more confidence to invest. Ideal for SMEs that have issued, or proposes to issue, securities through an Initial Private Offer (IPO).

Private Trading Exchanges

Be the bank! Issue SME Bonds to raise funding.

Over the last few years, largely due to the Covid pandemic, we’ve witnessed countries around the world create $billions in new cash through the issue and sale of Treasury Bonds in order to help prop up their economies.

As Governments can issue Treasury Bonds and big Companies can issue Corporate Bonds, so can SMEs issue SME Bonds to raise funding for business development, expansion or acquisition.

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